How to Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Even if your climate is not hot all summer, you will still need air conditioning on warmer days and it will pay to know how to reduce air conditioning costs.

In warmer climates, constant running central air conditioning can result in monthly electricity bills that can reach $200 per month. This amount is about the same as what an average household pays for their other electricity needs.

An air conditioner can also double your electricity bills. You don't need to accept such an increase in energy costs.

Smart Shopper

reduce air conditioning costsShopping wisely will save you money over the long-term. You'll likely have to spend a bit more if you choose an energy-efficient model.

If you are smart about how to use it, and take steps not to waste cool air, an efficient unit can save you even more.

To improve the circulation of cool air in your home, you can make some simple improvements.

Look at Efficiency When Shopping for a New AC Unit

Central air provides the ultimate convenience. You control the temperature, and central air sends cold air to each room.

But, a central-air system can draw 3,500 watts. This is compared to the 900 to 1,500 for an average window unit. Central air isn’t always the most economical option. You can save money by installing window units in rooms you use the most.

Smaller, window or portable units run on less electricity but their range is more limited, making them more effective in smaller homes and apartments. Self evaporating portable air conditioners are even more energy efficient and can also save money in the long run.

Pay Attention to the SEER

Choose an Energy Star-rated model whether you're looking for a central or window air system. It consumes an average 15% less electricity than a model with this rating.

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate) should be taken into consideration. The machine is more efficient the higher its SEER rating. For government inspection to pass, the SEER must reach at least 13. Units with SEER higher than 23 can be purchased.

The Right Size

A window conditioner is rated to a specific room size. It is not a good idea to buy a unit that is too large for your room. However, it is not a waste.

If the unit is too small, it will not fit in the space and it will waste money.

An AC mister can be added to a central system that you have chosen. It sprays a constant mist on the condenser to keep it cool and increase its efficiency. Keep the condenser in its place.

Be Clever About Air Conditioning

It is a common myth that energy can be saved by turning your system on continuously, even when you are not home.

This is because the unit doesn’t need to work as hard in order to maintain a comfortable room temperature. You save energy by only using your air conditioner when you really need it.

You can let the house heat up while you are away! Here are some more tips to help keep your costs low.

When installing a thermostat, make sure it is placed on an interior wall. If it's placed in direct sunlight, it will believe the house is warmer than it is. This can lead to it running the air conditioning more often.

Reduce Thermal Exchange

A common saying of budget-conscious household heads, especially when it comes to homes with children, is "Close the windows and doors; don't cool the outdoors."

While it's a great idea, you need to go further than closing all the windows and doors.

Avoid heating activities like drying clothes and cooking, which can cause heat to build up. Your cooling costs will increase if you heat your house while the air conditioner runs.

How Home Improvements Can Help

If your walls or roof radiate heat into your living space, you can spend a lot to hermetically seal the house.

This can be mitigated by painting the outside of the house with a light color or installing a reflective roof. Metal roofs have a higher degree of reflection than other types of composite roofing and can last for a longer time than shingles or shingles. A spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing system in white is also an excellent choice.

Ceiling fans are used to circulate the air in your house. They also distribute the warm air from your body. Your heating system's efficiency will be improved by a ceiling fan, which recirculates warm air collected near the ceiling.

It doesn't really matter if your central air system is window AC units or a central one, you need to make sure that the filters are cleaned regularly. Dirty filters can make the condenser work harder, and generate more heat.

The condenser's service life is shorter and your energy bills go up.

Summing Up

The point of all this is to do whatever it takes to reduce the cost of running an air conditioning system, whether it is a large, whole house central air system or smaller individual units.

Keeping AC equipment running efficiently does cut costs, while choosing the latest, most efficient models will also save money over time.